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Welcome to the Lion King Jam Wiki! Lion King Jam is a game I want to make, but idk if I'm allowed to, so, for now, its a wiki about something upcoming, really. when or if I actually DO make the game, the link would be up. for now, enjoy drafts and maybe give some ideas for the game! note: the game is a mix of Lion King and Animal Jam, so focus on those! thank u, and enjoy!


Lion King Jam is a game that I wanna make, but don't think there isn't a story behind it! IT ALL STARTED WHEN I WAS AMAZED BY EVERYTHING IN AJ SO I GOT AN IDEA OF MAKING A WEBBSITE INSPIRED BY IT!!! so I thought and thought and finally decided for it to be Lion King Jam! so I kept putting ideas and making drafts, when suddenly, I saw that UH OH! I put in ideas of NECKLACES, FOX HATS, BUNNIES, WOLVES, AND ARCTIC WOLVES?!? AND ALMOST EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH LION KING?!? WHAAAAAAT?!? so now I need permission from, credits to,LION KING!!!!!!!! congrats Lion King! u get the honer of being credited! so PLEASE APPROVE! thank you lion king for your support

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